Sponsorship Affiliations

The Loveland Initiative has several sponsors that provide funding support for programs that are educational and inspiring for underserved children and families. We also have other sponsors and partnerships that provide program and product support such as Loveland City Schools, businesses, associations, non-profits and places of worship. We have an excellent relationship with these entities. Through networking, we exchange information with each other and work on projects together that benefits families we serve. Through coordination, we modify activities so that together we provide better services, and through cooperation, we share staff, volunteers, space, and other resources. The Loveland Community is a generous one with all kinds of assistance and donations.


  • Community Development Block Grant


  • Charles Dater Foundation


  • Loveland Amazing Race


  • Cinergy
  • Community Building Institute
  • Foos Family Foundation
  • Jay & Andrea
  • Loveland Eagles
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities
  • Target Foundation
  • Walmart Foundation
  • Waterstone Church


  • Epiphany United Methodist
  • Loveland Eagles
  • Kraft Foods
  • Loveland Amazing Charity Race
  • Sycamore Presbyterian Church


  • Barry Kuhn
  • Chime Band Program
  • General Electric
  • Loveland American Legion
  • Paxton’s Grill
  • Summer Career Camp
  • Zoey FitzGerald Kidwell