Cool School Enrichment Program

Cool School Enrichment Program is an after school support program designed for students lacking instruction in their home environment. Many of the students attending Cool School have individualized education programs (IEP’s), which describe any learning disabilities and suggest alternative approaches to instruction. Students receive individual or group homework assistance two days a week. Each student gets a day of direct instruction in the academic area of greatest need. The focus is on helping them learn, complete their homework, and build life skills that include helping others and being respectful of their friends, parents and teachers. It also provides attention to those students who need that extra caring and supportive touch.

Enroll Your Child

For students in grades 5-6 at Loveland Intermediate School.

Cool School Enrollment Form

Volunteers Needed

Each school year we seek energetic, committed, and dependable adults, college and high school students to lead and coordinate the development of the program as well as other volunteers that can help with program support.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Cool School Volunteer Application