Brand Style Guide

Brand Style Guide

Thank you for taking the time to review our brand style guide. Please take a minute to familiarize yourself with these guidelines. Our goal, with your help, is to build a consistent, professional identity for The Loveland Initiative.

Our Logo

Any changes made to our logo or other style elements must be approved by us. This includes approval of creative layouts for print and web advertising, newsletters, promotional materials, documents, web pages and branded merchandise.

The Loveland Initiative’s master color logo should be used at all times. Where not possible, such as on a color background, then our white logo may be used. Our logo should be used in a consistent manner across all communications.

For all approval or usage questions, please contact:

Clear Space

Maintaining the clear space zone between the logo and other graphic elements such as type, images, and the edge of pages, helps to ensure that the logo retains a strong presence wherever it appears. Try to maximize clear space whenever possible.

The height of the ‘T’ in “The” is used to define the minimum amount of clear space needed on all sides.

Clear Space Around Logo

Resizing Our Logo

When re-sizing our logo, proportions should be ‘constrained’. This means that the proportions of the logo stay the same no matter how large or small it is displayed. In many applications this is done by holding down the ‘Shift’ key while dragging a corner of the image. The examples below show what happens when proportions are not constrained.

Constrain Logo

Constrain Logo

Download Our Logo


We like to keep it simple. Our selected font family is Arial which was designed for legibility. Arial should be used for all communications in both digital and print formats.

  • Only use Arial Regular for body copy.
  • Arial Regular or Narrow can be used for headings and titles.



Use these colors to guide your designs and layouts, both online and off to ensure you’re staying consistent with The Loveland Initative brand.

Brand ColorHEX: #E02645
RGB: 224, 38, 69
CMYK: 0, 83, 69, 12
PMS: 192 C

Brand ColorsHEX: #8EC15C
RGB: 142, 193, 92
CMYK: 26, 0, 52, 24
PMS: 2292 U

Brand ColorHEX: #178FCA
RGB: 23, 143, 202
CMYK: 89, 29, 0, 21
PMS: 279 C

Brand ColorsHEX: #EE8A16
RGB: 238, 138, 22
CMYK: 0, 42, 91, 7
PMS: 144 C

Other than the logos on this page, please do not download/copy any images from this website or any digital source such as emails, social media, etc., as these were designed specifically for the resolution and space allotted for their respective sources and are not intended for use on other digital or print mediums. Keep in mind that any photos or graphics created by The Loveland Initiative or created for The Loveland Initiative are copyrighted. Copyright restrictions may also apply to other images and graphics that appear on this website or other digital mediums and print collateral.